How to feel confident in your skin without fake tan - simple skincare tips that will make your skin glow without self-tan products

Are you obsessed with fake tanning? Many women feel better in their skin when it’s tanned, spending hours to apply it every week. Also many young girls start doing it at a very young age, ruining their natural look with unattractive orange stains on their skin.

Firstly, no matter how well fake tan is applied you can always see and tell that it’s fake. Secondly, there’s always that strong smell of fake tan that puts me off. We can also ruin our sheets and clothes as it’s coming off and finally, I don’t like wasting so much time applying it over and over again. 

Is it really necessary? Tanned skin helps us feel better but there are too many cons for a woman struggling for time like me, to go for it. I prefer quick and simple skincare habits that help the skin looks its best, whether it’s tanned or not.

My job is to make you feel wonderful in your skin with less products and less effort. These simple skincare habits will help your skin look healthy and glowing, and help you feel confident in your skin, without tones of fake tan or extra skincare products.   


Use face care products on your neck & décolleté. Applying skincare product on your neck and décolleté only takes extra few seconds and it may make a big difference to the appearance of the skin there.

There are many neck and décolleté creams on the market but there is no need to buy extra products. You can use the same skincare products that you use on your face, e.g. hyaluronic acid serum, face oil or a moisturiser. And remember to apply an spf on your neck and décolleté too.  


It’s an ancient Ayurvedic technique of swishing oil in your mouth.

This action helps draw out toxins from the body that accumulate in the oil. It helps keep the skin clear and looking healthy and glowing, along other benefits i.e. draining sinus and supporting oral health.

I use 1 tablespoon of sunflower or coconut oil and swish for 15 min. After swishing the oil for 15 min I spit it out, rinse out the mouth and brush my teeth.

To be most effective it’s best to do it regularly every day at least once per day, ideally in the morning on an empty stomach but you can do it in the evening too. I usually do it at the start of my shower and by the time my evening routine is done it’s time to spit the oil out. It feels effortless.   


You can dry brush your body every day before showering. However, not all dry body brushes are made equal.

Dry body brushing with the Ionic Copper Body Brush elevates dry body brushing experience to new heights. You will fall in love with the refreshing and energising feeling you experience, and super smooth and soft skin that follows. This Ionic Copper Body Brush is the ultimate tool to stimulate lymphatic system and accelerate toxin drainage, helping to reduce cellulite, water retention and detox the body. It offers energising exfoliation, revealing super smooth and soft skin without need for body scrubs.  

Always brush towards your heart. It only takes 3-5 minutes to dry brush the entire body. It has many benefits.

  • Energising skin exfoliation without need for body scrubs
  • It encourages firmer skin as it helps stimulate collagen production
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage and toxin drainage
  • Use before shaving to prolong smooth skin and prevent ingrown hair
  • Helps get rid of cellulite and strawberry skin
  • Helps restore the body's electromagnetic balance
  • Supports nervous system
  • Helps boost your energy level
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Supports your body's natural self-healing system
  • Improves effectiveness of your body moisturiser as it absorbs better

The Ionic Copper Body Brush works like no other dry body brush, it's an investment in your skin and health. It comes with an instruction how to use. 

Click here to watch how to dry brush your body.


It’s important not to confuse natural soap with commercial soaps found in supermarkets. Commercial soaps, liquid body washes and body gels usually contain sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and synthetics that may be harsh for the skin. They may be drying to the skin and cause allergic reactions.

Natural soaps found in health food stores and individual artisanal producers are rich in botanicals and natural oils and they nourish the skin.

Soap bars usually last longer, depending on the brand and weight. Keep bars of natural soaps in your shower and on bathroom and kitchen sinks and use as a body and hand wash. This simple swap means less plastic waste and better skin. 


Try to avoid showering, bathing and washing your hands and hair in hot water, and use warm or lukewarm water instead. Hot water will suck the moisture out of your skin and hair and may strip them of their natural oils. Washing in a lower temperature will help to keep the hydration in and prevent dry skin.

Also, colder water at the start and end of a shower, intermittently with warmer water, can help increase circulation by stimulating the blood flow.


If you are not into dry body brushing, there is no need to buy body scrubs. Any oil from your kitchen, like olive, grape seed or sunflower oil, combined with caster sugar are all you need for a deeply nourishing and effective body scrub that your skin will love. You can add 2 drops of your favourite essential oil if you wish but it’s optional.

You can use this DIY body scrub twice per week but only on the body as it’s too strong for the delicate face complexion.

Note: The oil may leave your shower basin slippery so be careful not to slip. 


You can also use any oil from your pantry for shaving your legs and armpits. It will help the razor slide smoothly and will also deeply nourish and moisturise your skin, unlike a commercial shaving mouse that may be harsh or drying.

After shaving use the Heavenly Balm to further soothe and soften the skin and prevent irritation and ingrown hair.   


You can use any oil from your pantry as a body moisturiser. Edible oils contain no synthetic additives and will moisturise and soften the skin. Keep a bottle of an oil in your shower and always apply on wet skin before towelling. It takes only a few seconds to apply.

Click here for an easy to make DIY body oil recipe for better sleep.


Healthy skin starts from the inside so eating healthily and having a healthy lifestyle are important.

It’s often easier said than done, especially if you are a busy mum. Try to make healthy eating choices as often as possible so it will become a habit.

Eat as many different coloured vegetables and fruit as possible, also plant based protein, such as pulses and legumes, and whole grains. Drink plenty of water. A balanced diet abundant in antioxidants helps to keep the skin smooth and glowing. Limit inflammatory foods, such as processed foods, sugar, regular tea and coffee. 

Having a healthy lifestyle is as important. In my experience any stress shows in the skin, so be kind to yourself. Get enough sleep and fresh air, rest and exercise regularly, even 10 minutes daily makes a difference.

Read here how to fit self-care into your hectic schedule and get fit, even if you are a busy working mum with small children and hate exercising.

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