Product philosophy


Sana Naturals products contain the finest natural ingredients and active botanicals cherished since ancient times for their healing and beautifying properties. They are ingredients known to be effective through traditional use and science-backed published research, selected for the very best possible skincare results and maximum efficacy, delivering exceptional results.

When formulating a product, I extensively research and use innovative high performance plant based certified organic ingredients that provide proven benefits, resulting in highly concentrated formulas that are potent and effective, offering super food nutrition to skins of all ages and types. So even when you struggle for time, you care for your skin in the very best possible way.


Natural Skin Care Products Ireland

How Sana Naturals is Different


The current skincare trend promotes complicated skincare routines using long lists of skincare products with ingredients that may be harsh for the skin. They may be confusing, overwhelming and time consuming.

Personally, I don’t feel the need for and don’t feel like applying so many skincare products onto the skin twice daily. Struggling with challenging skin myself I’ve discovered over the years, that when it comes to our skin, less is often more.

Sana Naturals collection of skincare essentials offers a simple skincare routine that is transparent and easy to follow. The collection promotes minimalist skincare that fits into hectic schedules, helping you get better skin with less effort.

The power is in the simple highly concentrated formulas that are very potent, delivering exceptional results.

There are no fillers and I keep the list of ingredients as short as possible. The products are multifunctional, especially designed to address multiple skin issues at once, reducing the number of steps and products in the skincare routine.


Designed to be kind to delicate complexions, the gentle yet powerful formulas help restore the skin’s natural balance while supporting body wellness. It’s so important for those who struggle with challenging skin that is prone to breakouts, irritation or sensitivity.

Being 100% natural, the products work in harmony with your skin and health, and the unique luxe blends of aromatherapy uplift the mood and calm nerves.


I’m committed to help redefine the beauty industry standards by creating high performance natural skincare products that are not only effective and good for our skin and body wellness but also have a minimal impact on the wellness of our planet.

Sustainability is one of the brand’s core values. All decisions made, starting from selecting the carefully chosen ingredients and minimal recyclable packaging, to how I run the business every day, is made with the wellness of our planet on my mind.

The products are housed in eco- friendly recyclable glass packaging without outer boxes to reduce waste. They come with a reusable cotton eco pouch for easy storage. The pouch is designed to help with sustainable living. Take it with you while shopping for loose fruit and veg and other loose groceries.

I’m committed to use as little plastic as possible. Any insert paper, tissue, filling chips or bubble wrap that may be present in your postal order is reused from the ingredient and container packaging I receive.      

When we buy wisely, consciously choosing sustainable products, we reconnect to the Earth and make the world a better place to live for generations to come.

SANA means ‘healing’, ‘healthy’ and to ‘shine’ and ‘glow’ in different languages. The harmony of all these meanings creates SANA NATURALS, and the products reflect the brilliance and healing power of Nature.

Free from parabens, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, alcohol, stabilizers and other unnecessary fillers.

100% Natural      Vegan      Cruelty free      Eco friendly