Our story

The love for Nature has been passed down by women in my family for generations. Growing up I’d spend days in my granny's luscious garden picking wild plants, digging clay from the rich Polish soil and making herbal potions and natural remedies.

This passion has since developed into making natural skincare, especially as I struggle with problematic skin. Keeping it healthy has always been a battle. It’s dry and oily at places, sensitive, easily irritated and prone to breakouts. Years ago I didn’t realise that additives in conventional skincare products may cause or aggravate skin problems.

Our busy lives are already overloaded and my mission is to simplify. I have also discovered throughout the years, that when it comes to your skin, less is often more. Straying from the current trend of complicated skincare routines with endless list of synthetic laden products I take a back to basics approach.

I formulate only with active ingredients such as vitamin C and the Earth's treasures, such as wild plants, healing clay, nourishing botanical oils that been cherished since ancient times for their healing and beautifying properties.


Sana Naturals eco- friendly skincare was born out of passion and respect for Nature, offering highly concentrated botanical potions for healthy glowing skin with fewer products and fewer steps involved in the skincare routine. ​

The products are designed to help target multiple skin issues at ones and are multi- functional.   


This simple yet luxurious skincare collection is created with challenging and sensitive skin in mind, however these delightful skincare treats offer indulgence and soothing comfort for skin of all types and ages.

Designed to be kind to delicate complexions, the formulas contain no fillers, no nastiness, only undiluted active botanicals to help restore your skin’s natural balance and regain its natural healthy glow. They’re handmade in Ireland in micro batches to preserve the freshness and potency of the natural ingredients.

Sana means ‘healing’, ‘healthy’ and to ‘shine’ and ‘glow’ in different languages. The harmony of all these meanings creates Sana Naturals, and the formulas reflect the brilliance and healing power of Nature.

Free from parabens, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, alcohol, stabilizers and other unnecessary fillers.

100% Natural      Eco - friendly      Cruelty free      Vegan


The products are housed in eco- friendly recyclable glass packaging and no outer box to reduce waste. They come with a reusable cotton eco pouch for easy storage. I’m also committed to use as little plastic as possible. The bubble wrap, filling chips and insert paper left from the ingredient and container packaging is reused in the postal orders.     

Production of all skincare products to some extent impacts the environment therefore I encourage you to recycle the packaging and use only optimal amount for maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact.  

The formulas are tested only on willing humans and they are a blend of passion, intuition, an ongoing study of Earth’s treasures and common sense. Even though I like to keep them simple, every formula is as sensually indulgent as it is natural.

My mission is to share with you the beautifying magic of plants and minerals to help you heal and nurture your skin, bring you joy and a peaceful mind, and inspire a return to our roots and the wisdom of our ancestors.