There was a wild forest beside my home in Poland, where as a child I was playing in the streams, listening to the tree’s whispers and digging clay from the rich soil.

Then I grew up and being influenced by the newest trends, I got lost in the world. Struggling with challenging skin, dry and oily in places, sensitive, easily irritated and prone to breakouts, I was trying all the possible skincare products.

It took years of fighting my skin to learn that simplicity and gentleness in skincare is the key.

My eyes opened to a new realm of wellness when I started studying nature’s treasures. Being passionate about healthy living, I then started making natural skincare products that help women feel wonderful in their skin again.

In the meantime, a Cavan countryman stole my heart and brought me to his homeland. It feels like home again.


To show you how to get healthy skin with less effort and fewer products and support your body wellness, while reconnecting with nature. I'm here to help you celebrate your natural beauty with simple yet effective skincare.