Kasia O'Reilly Sana Naturals Founder


My skin used to be unhappy - dull and lifeless, both dry and oily in places, easily irritated and prone to spots and breakouts. Following the skincare trends, I had an elaborate skincare routine with a long list of products that didn't work.

It took years of fighting my skin to learn that simplicity and gentleness is the key. After years of studying nature's treasures and the science behind them, I started making skincare products with high performance natural ingredients that efficacy is backed by scientific research. My skin finally started thriving.

In the meantime, a Cavan countryman stole my heart and brought to his homeland. It feels like home. 


To help you get healthy skin with less effort and fewer products, while supporting body wellness. I want you to feel wonderful in your skin and help you celebrate your natural beauty with simple yet effective skincare.