How to use face oil in your skin care routine

Natural plant based face oil is a total game changer in your skin care routine. It deeply hydrates and shields the skin while encouraging a smooth, supple and healthy glowing complexion.  

Using a right facial oil in your skincare routine will help you address your skin's individual issues, such as dry flaky skin, oily skin/too much sebum production, skin irritation, tendency for breakouts, wrinkles or broken capillaries. So make sure you choose a right face oil. Knowing how to use your facial oil is important too.    

The most important thing to remember is that oil uses water particles to penetrate your skin and lock the moisture in so it should be applied on damp or slightly wet skin, for example right after using a toner, face mist or a water based moisturizer.

This is how to use face oil in your skin care routine and the rules to follow:

  1. On a freshly cleansed skin apply a toner or a face mist. While your skin is still damp, pat 3-4 droplets of your oil all over your face. You can finish by using a face mist again to help the oil be absorbed better.
  1. Apply face oil all the way down your neck and décolletage if you wish. Your skin is delicate there and needs a bit extra TLC.
  1. Apply your face oil under your eyes, on the eyelids and area beneath your eyebrows. Some facial oils are super for brightening up dark circles under your eyes.
  1. Glide over your eyebrows and lips to have them wonderfully nourished and conditioned.
  1. If you have dry and flaky skin that needs extra hydration, apply your moisturizer first and then pat your face oil over it. In my opinion an oil is the best way to relieve dry and itchy skin on your face and body. 
  1. You can mix a few drops of the face oil with your hyaluronic acid or a face moisturizer to increase their potency.   
  1. Use face oil for a face massage that will boost circulation and encourage lymph flow and that natural healthy glow. 
  1. The oil penetrates the water based skincare products but not vice versa, so the oil should go last over all your skincare products. If you further apply an spf and/or makeup, allow the oil to absorb entirely before applying them.
  1. Add a droplet of your face oil to your BB cream or foundation for that smooth and dewy finish and to protect your skin from cold wind and harsh weather.
  1. If you treat your skin to a face mask you can add a few droplets of the face oil to it for extra boost of nourishment.
  1. Any remaining oil on the palms of your hands you can rub into your hair.  

Note: these rules relate to natural plant oils that are gentle enough to be applied around the eye area and lips as well. The ones containing synthetics, perfumes and preservatives may irritate these delicate areas therefore may not be safe to use there.

If your skin is problematic and prone to breakouts, it’s important to use a 100% natural lightweight non pore clogging oil that will help restore your skin’s natural balance.

Check out Sana Naturals Oil SERUM, an exquisite blend of restorative oils infused with the antioxidant protection of vitamin C. This soothing, smoothing and rejuvenating formula targets specific skin concerns:

  • deeply moisturizes
  • regulates sebum production
  • keeps breakouts and wrinkles at bay
  • strengthens capillaries
  • soothes redness and irritation
  • increases skin elasticity
  • brightens up your complexion
  • supports emotional balance


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