A simple secret to healthy skin the industry won’t tell you

Do you come across skincare routine videos on social media that consist of 15 or more steps? Or pictures of bathroom cabinets filled with hundreds of skincare products? This is the current skincare trend that the industry is pushing, promoting complicated skincare routines using endless lists of products.

People are made to think they need to be using everything in order to get glowing skin. It’s difficult to know what to use when and in which order. Skincare routines are often confusing and overwhelming.

And yet, people still have bad skin, in fact issues with skin sensitivities, adult acne, breakouts, eczema, dermatitis and allergic reactions are growing and have never been as common.  

Overuse of skincare products also leads to products being purchased and not used, ultimately adding weight to the worlds waste issues.

I don’t know about you but I don’t feel like applying so many skincare products onto my skin twice daily. Who on Earth has time to do that? I have about 2 minutes in the bathroom in the morning with my baby beside me. And in the evenings I prefer to spend my precious time differently than at my bathroom sink. But I do want a healthy glowing complexion without compromising on my time, efficacy and luxury. Minimalist skincare is the answer.


Skinimalism or skin minimalism is about loving the skin you are in rather than hiding behind layers of make-up. This skincare philosophy adopts a minimal approach by using less products that are super concentrated and multifunctional and letting your skin shine through. It’s focused on simplicity and super beneficial ingredients and healthy skincare habits. It’s about quality instead of quantity.

Simplicity and less is more philosophy is Sana Naturals core value and my mission is to show you how to get a healthy glowing skin with less effort and fewer products, while supporting your body wellness. I’m here to help you celebrate your natural beauty.   


The natural integrity of our delicate complexion may easily get upset by over exfoliation or too many actives in the skincare products. Our skin can’t thrive when it’s overloaded.

Many skincare products also contain preservatives, stabilisers, texture enhancers, synthetic perfumes etc. and when we apply so many onto the skin, it may upset the ph level and it’s natural barrier, leading to skin’s issues than may be difficult to address later, especially when it comes to sensitive skin.

The skin may react to some of the ingredients and it’s impossible to tell which substance in which product the skin isn’t happy with.

When we choose to apply only a few skincare products that are packed with natural goodness, our skin has a chance to absorb them fully and utilise their goodness in the very best possible way.


The signs that your skin’s natural barrier is upset are: skin imbalances such as skin that is too dry, too oily or both on the same time, acne, breakouts, dry flaky patches, redness, irritation, dermatitis etc.

When you strip down your skincare routine to the basic and use only a few truly natural skincare products that are rich in beneficial plant ingredients, your skin will have a chance to restore its natural healthy balance.


Every skin, whether it’s young or mature, normal, sensitive or imbalanced and challenging, needs nutrition in order to thrive. Also on a daily basis our skincare routine requires only two basic and essential steps: cleansing and moisturising.


Cleansing is an essential step in the skincare routine, especially in the evening and should never be skipped. During the day we often wear make-up, we sweat and are exposed to pollutants, especially when living in a busy urban area so cleansing is essential. We do it in order to remove dirt and excess sebum, unclog pores and prepare the skin for the skincare products to follow.

If the skin isn’t properly cleansed or if you skip this step, it may lead to skin issues such as clogged pores, spots and breakouts or dry and dull skin. When the skin is properly cleansed, the skincare products can deeper penetrate the skin for the best possible results. 

Most mainstream face cleansers strip the skin's of its protective lipid barrier, upsetting its natural integrity. As a result, the skin loses its natural protection. You want to thoroughly cleanse the skin, while preserving its natural self- protection. 


If you wear makeup during the day, exercise, sweat a lot or live in a busy urban area, it’s a good idea to double cleanse your skin at the end of the day. 

Firstly, cleanse with an oil. It can be any oil from your pantry, such as grapeseed, sunflower, olive or almond oil. Avoid coconut oil if your skin is prone to acne or congestion as it may clog pores and cause breakouts.  

To cleanse with the oil, wet your face, then massage the oil onto your skin, add more water to emulsify the oil and then use a damp warm face cloth to remove the oil, repeating several times until it is removed thoroughly.

Follow with Sana Naturals FACE WASH that will absorb any remaining oil, will remove dirt and impurities and also gently exfoliate the skin to keep it smooth and clear. The FACE WASH is suitable to use even on sensitive skin and is gentle enough to be used twice per day, every day. 

The FACE WASH will pave the way for your moisturiser to follow.

If you don’t wear any make-up and you double cleansed the night before, then Sana Naturals FACE WASH is enough to cleanse in the evening.

If you feel that your skin needs extra exfoliation, then when cleansing with the FACE WASH, spend a little extra time focusing on the congested areas. You can also use a wet muslin cloth to exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin without use of any product at all.

You can use Sana Naturals FACE WASH as a face mask too. Just mix with water, natural yoghurt or raw honey and apply on cleansed skin for 20min. Use every second or third day. It’ll leave your skin seriously smooth, free from impurities and glowing. 


Every skin, whether it’s dry or oily and prone to spots and breakouts, needs to be moisturised and needs nutrition in order to thrive. And Sana Naturals SERUM will do that with a super concentrated blend of powerful plant actives.

It will help restore the skin’s natural balance and will help keep the happy skin in great condition, helping it look and feel at its best, moisturised and protected.

This multitasking superhero serves as a serum and face and under eye moisturiser all in one. This unique blend of nourishing oils and Vitamin C will provide the skin with whatever it needs at this particular season or time of the day, whether it’s dry or oily.

Its slow ageing non-pore clogging formula helps soothe, smooth and rejuvenate the skin, while maintaining its optimal elasticity. Also, use around the delicate eye area to keep dark circles away. Read here on different ways to use it. 

The secret to use this magic potion is to apply it on damp skin so do it right after stepping out of the shower or after dampening your skin with a bit of water.  

And that’s it. Your skin is ready for an spf.


This minimalist skincare routine is very easy and suits the skins of all ages. You can build on it by adding a product depending on your skin’s specific needs, for example I use floral water to spray my face before applying the Serum and a Rose Quartz Face Roller for face massage for extra benefits but it’s optional.  

There are many benefits of skinimalism:

  • Shorter skincare routine means that you save time in the bathroom
  • It’s lighter on the wallet as you buy super concentrated products that are multifunctional
  • Less products means less chances of your skin reacting to their ingredients
  • Buying less products means less waste and less overload to the planet
  • Happy skin means that you look and feel fabulous

What’s not to like? Check out Sana Naturals minimalist skincare collection.

If you have any questions about your skin concerns or Sana Naturals products, get in touch here, I’m always here to help. 

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