How my baby girl was conceived

One of the Sana Naturals core values is body wellness and to promote it, for every online order in October one product from the skincare collection was donated to CUAN Cavan Cancer Support and Wellness Centre. This initiative was to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month and bring a little extra beauty and well-being to those in our community who really need it during this difficult time. 

This month I’m running a Green Friday campaign to support the Irish Cancer Society and 10% from online sales between 27th and 30th November will be donated to the Irish Cancer Society.

I feared I had cancer but I got a baby girl instead. 

There is also a personal reason to the choice of the charities. Having had all 4 grandparents pass away from cancer and my brother fighting it 5 years ago, I grew up fearing the dreadful disease. 

Last November I visited my GP to check a few unexplained symptoms. It turned out that a few tests vaguely indicated cancer so my GP send me for a womb ultrasound.

That was a particularly difficult time for my family. Bad news was coming too often, with various health issues. I was fearing the worst and my husband drove me to the ultrasound clinic as I was too nervous to drive.

I was thankfully given the all clear at the ultrasound and I was also told that one of the follicles was about to drop an egg and if there was ever a perfect moment to conceive a baby, that was it.

I wasn’t really planning on having another child but I was in real euphoria that I didn’t have cancer. We hit the jackpot that day and our baby girl Elena was born in August. I could have had cancer but instead I have this beautiful baby. I realise how absolutely lucky I am having both her and my health, a double win. I would love to help those who are less fortunate with their health and those who are affected by cancer are among the most vulnerable at the moment.

Sustainable skincare

Sana Naturals brand is also very much focused on sustainability and I’m passionate about promoting the ethos of conscious buying, choosing products that are Irish, as local as possible and have minimal impact to the planet and its inhabitants. 

When we buy wisely, consciously choosing such products, I believe we reconnect to the Earth and make the world a better place to live for generations to come.⠀

We are here together

These are unprecedented times as the COVID-19 crisis is impacting our lives and I’m determined to help support local communities and spread positivity as much as I can.

Although we are all currently extremely concerned and socially distant, we are all standing strong together. Our desire to connect with each other and our community as a way to find strength and support each other, is also stronger than ever.⠀

I have no doubts that we will emerge from this pandemic stronger than ever before and perhaps even happier, committed to living more balanced lives, finding joy in simplicity, getting more out of less, appreciating the smallest things in life and finding our community, nature and protecting our planet more important than things we accumulate and consume. ⠀

Stay well and safe.

Lots of love,

Kasia xxx 

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