How to get rid of dry skin on face in 3 easy steps

This time of the year isn’t very skin friendly.  Harsh weather conditions like cold wind, central heating at home, office and even in the car and sudden temperature changes can cause dry and flaky skin in no time.                                                                                      
Below are my 3 favorite ways to relieve dry itchy skin. Keep your skin ultra-hydrated during the colds months with these simple steps:
1. Face oil
In my opinion it’s the best way to hydrate skin and to keep dry, scaly skin away. Our skin needs both water and oil to keep the moisture so it’s best to use the face oil on a damp or slightly wet skin, for example right after using a toner or face mist. The oil uses water particles to penetrate your skin and seal the moisture. If you already have very dry skin you may want to use a hydrating moisturiser first and then apply 3 droplets of the oil over it to lock in the moisture. 
2. Infuse your foundation
Add a tiny droplet of the facial oil to your foundation or a BB cream for extra boost of hydration and to protect your skin from cold wind and harsh weather. It will also add that dewy finish to your face.
3. Hydrate from inside out
We all know how important it is to drink water to stay hydrated and keep dry skin away. Incorporating high quality oil in your diet will also help you maintain skin moisture and prevent skin dehydration. Great sources are oily fish such as mackerel, sardines, and wild salmon and flaxseeds. A high quality fish oil or flaxseed oil supplement is also helpful. 
Note on the face oil: if your skin is problematic and prone to breakouts like mine, it’s important to use a lightweight non pore clogging oil that will help you seal in the moisture and prevent blemishes. Check out Sana Naturals Serum, an exquisite blend of restorative oils infused with the antioxidant protection of vitamin C. This soothing, smoothing and rejuvenating formula serves as a moisturiser, serum and an under eye treatment all in one.   

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