How to get rid of acne - simple skincare routine for acne breakout and pimple prone skin.

If you have acne, breakout or pimple prone skin or have a teenager who does, this article is for you. 

I struggled with acne and breakouts when I was a teenager and during adulthood. I didn’t know back then that certain synthetic ingredients in skincare products were causing it. My skin was reacting to them by breaking out with spots quite often, and I also had pimples and blemishes. Also, some ingredients were clogging my pores, further aggravating the issue.

Our skin can react to natural ingredients too but it’s scientifically proven that it reacts less to plant based natural skincare products and ingredients. 

I can't promise that this simple acne routine will heal your skin. Its health depends on more than what we put on it. But I ensure you that these natural skincare products work in harmony with your health and this simple skincare routine for breakouts and acne will nourish your skin, so that if you do the basics right and there are no underlying conditions, your skin will have the ability to restore its natural healthy balance. 



If you wear makeup during the day, always double cleanse your face in the evening with an oil based cleanser as the first cleansing method followed by Sana Naturals Face Wash. If you don’t wear makeup you can cleanse your face once in the evening with Sana Naturals Face Wash and double cleanse 3 times per week, regardless if you wear makeup or not. 

  1. Double cleansing

Firstly, cleanse with an oil based cleanser or a grapeseed oil that you can buy in supermarkets, grocery shops or health food stores. Grapeseed oil is excellent for acne pimple and breakout prone skin. 

How to: Wet your face, then massage the oil onto your skin, add more water to emulsify the oil and then use a damp warm cloth to remove the oil from the skin, repeating several times until the oil is removed thoroughly. 

Twice per week use a muslin cloth instead of a regular face cloth to remove the oil. The muslin cloth works as an exfoliator and will help remove dead skin. 

After oil cleansing follow with Sana Naturals Face Wash that will absorb any remaining oil and remove impurities that may be stuck deep in the pores. This prevents the spots, pimples and blemishes to appear and will help minimise the acne scars to appear.

When the skin is properly cleansed and exfoliated, the skincare products can deeper penetrate the skin for best possible results.

  1. Moisturising 

Apply your natural moisturiser* and then mist your face with lavender water (make sure it’s alcohol free) and apply 3 drops of Sana Naturals Serum on the damp skin.


  1. Cleansing 

The skin should still be clean after cleansing the night before so you can just use a pad to wipe your skin with lavender water or use a warm damp cloth to wipe the face. 

  1. Moisturising

Spray the face with lavender water and apply 3 drops of Sana Naturals Serum on damp skin. Wait a few min until absorbed and apply an spf*. Make sure the spf doesn’t clog pores.


Twice per week use the Sana Naturals Face Wash as a mask. Mix the powder with lavender water or real raw honey (excellent for spots, pimples, blemishes, healing and prevention) to form a creamy paste and apply on freshly cleansed skin. Leave for 20 min and rinse off. Follow with your evening routine.

* Make sure the moisturiser and spf you apply are natural and don’t clog pores. If you want to know what brands I use, email me on

Sana Naturals super concentrated formulas offer nutrition for skins of all ages, young and mature, and struggling with various concerns, such as skin that is too dry or oily or both, sensitive, and prone to acne and breakouts. You can adapt their usage to suit every skin and time of the year, depending on what your skin needs during the particular moment in time. They work in harmony with your skin and nature’s seasons, inspiring reconnection with the healing forces of nature.

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