How to fix problematic skin

Do you have any skin imbalances i.e. dryness, too much sebum, tendencies for wrinkles, breakouts or broken capillaries? Does your skin sometimes react to skincare products? Have you ever got an allergic reaction from skincare products?
If the answer is yes then your skin may be sensitive, and I don’t mean it as a ‘skin type’. I mean that the above skin problems may be caused by your skin reacting to the beauty products you are using, and it isn’t specific just to Irish skin.
Nowadays many people struggle with some kind of skin concerns and a few years ago I was one of them. Below is an overview of how I fixed my problematic skin, stopped wasting money on unnecessary skincare products and cut my skincare routine time. 

Back to basics skincare - get better skin with less effort 

Contrary to the current skincare trend I believe there are no skin types, there are only skin concerns. And I believe they can all be addressed with just a few natural skincare products that are completely undiluted with unnecessary junk and containing only the finest natural ingredients that will feed your skin and help restore its natural balance.

In the craziness of our already busy and overloaded life my mission is to simplify. So instead of having many skincare products loaded with synthetics, I’d rather have the core essentials that contain the most concentrated pure ingredients that really work.

So even if you struggle for time you can still have an all natural, simple but effective skincare routine that is easy, transparent and works in harmony with your skin. You can care for your skin with less effort and fewer steps involved.

Sana Naturals Natural Skincare Ireland

3 step skincare routine with 3 essential skincare products

How I use Sana Naturals face care trio:

If you wear makeup start with cleansing your face ideally with an oil based cleanser. On the rare occasions I wear makeup I use Sana Naturals Serum as a cleanser.
  1. Once your face is clean start with the Face Wash. Make a paste by mixing the powder with the Facial Toner or water and massage onto your face. It’ll gently exfoliate, soothe & soften your skin. I leave the paste on for 15 min to dry twice per week to further purify. Rinse off and pat dry.
  2. Follow with the refreshing Face Toner that will hydrate, clarify and prep the skin for the next step
  3. When your skin is still damp from the toner massage a few drops of the Vitamin C Serum and you’re done!
These are my 3 essential skincare products that I always use. Depending on your skin’s unique requirements you may want to apply another natural moisturiser, whatever works for you and your skin.
As every complexion is different and has individual needs you can mix all the products with your other favorites if you wish.
Check out my website for Sana Naturals artisan and eco-friendly natural skincare products.

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