How a simple belief shift quite literally transformed my skin

Some people are blessed with beautiful skin and no matter what they do, their skin is glowing. I am not that lucky. My skin used to be unhappy - both dry and oily in places (commonly called a combination type), dull and lifeless, easily irritated, and prone to spots and breakouts. When I was a teenager I had acne and it continued well into adulthood. My skin often looked like a frog’s skin, no joke.

Following the skincare trends, I had an elaborate skincare routine with a long list of products that didn't work.

I find skincare routines confusing. The amount of skincare products in the market is overwhelming, it is hard to remember what to use in what order, which ingredients not to combine and which are actually suitable for our skin. 

I had professional skincare advice from skincare experts tailored to my skin, was trying different products advised by beauticians, and those advertised in media. I also had regular facials in beauty salons, after which I often looked like a spotty beetroot as my skin got irritated. Pills and ointments prescribed by a dermatologist worked only temporarily and the skin issues always came back.

Every time I bought a new skincare product I hoped it was going to transform my skin, just like the advertiser promised.

Have you ever fallen into that belief? I was wasting time, money and the will to look in the mirror. It seemed that the more I was trying to make my skin look healthy, the more upset it became. I remember how frustrated I was when I woke up on my wedding day with a huge spot on top of my nose.  

I was often waking up with both dry and oily patches on my face and covered in breakouts. I was always hiding my skin under a high coverage foundation.

I don’t think that my skin issues ever affected my social life or self-esteem. It was certainly very irritating but the most frustrating thing for me was wasting time at the bathroom sink. I didn’t want to spend time applying endless list of different skincare products in a specific order and then hiding under layers of make-up. I wanted a simple skincare routine that worked. I wanted to wake up in the morning with a healthy glowing skin without a complicated skincare routine.

I wanted an easier way.

What I was doing wasn’t working and I realised I had to do something different. I was always passionate about nature, health and body wellness, and as a lover of minimalism, I decided to take a simple approach. And this mind shift, quite literally transformed my results. Afterall, simplicity works in every aspect of life. And nature is so powerful, it’s where we come from and where we belong. I felt deep inside that the answer was there.

So I stripped back my skincare routine to the very basics and took off on a mission to study nature’s treasures and the science behind them.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started. The belief that more equals better was strongly rooted in my brain by years of exposure to marketing. I thought my skin would get worse but quite opposite happened. After years of having an elaborate skincare routine with endless lists of products, my skin was getting better with a very simple skincare routine.

I was constantly studying, discovering new powerful ingredients and their healing properties, learning how to formulate and experimenting with different potions and proportions. I learnt that not all natural ingredients are good for the skin. I also learnt that it’s not as simple as rubbing coconut oil onto the face, that by the way, may result in the worst spot breakout of your life.

It took years of studying and experimenting to create carefully balanced formulas, resulting in very potent multifunctional skincare products that help restore the skin’s natural healthy balance with minimum effort and minimum product dependence.

My skin was finally thriving and my sanity was back.

I decided to share these natural skincare products with the world and Sana Naturals was born, the minimalist skincare collection with simplicity and the power of nature at its core.

Sana Naturals is about healthy skincare and lifestyle habits that support our wellbeing. It is about loving the skin you are in rather than hiding under layers of make-up. It’s also about quality instead of quantity. In this minimal approach we use less products containing high performance, science proven and carefully balanced natural ingredients. The products are super potent and multifunctional and they work in harmony with your skin and health. Our skin is like a garden, it’s a living organ that absorbs everything that we put on it, affecting our wellbeing.

I can’t promise you that Sana Naturals will heal your skin.

Its health depends on more than what we put on it. However, every skin, whether it’s young or mature, perfectly happy, or imbalanced and challenging, needs nutrition to thrive. Sana Naturals natural skincare products offer nourishment and indulgence to skins of all ages and types, supporting their healthy balance, so it can thrive and restore its natural glow.  

My mission is to show you how to get healthy glowing skin with less effort and fewer products, while supporting your body wellness. I want you to feel wonderful in your skin and I’m here to help you celebrate your natural beauty with simple yet effective skincare.    

There’s so much power in simplicity. Check out the 5 star product reviews from happy customers who feel wonderful in their skin.

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