Adjust your skincare routine for colder months without buying extra products

Autumn is already upon us, and with it comes cold weather and harsh wind, heating in the house and in the car. The sudden change of temperatures may affect our skin which can become drier, dull and more irritated. Particularly those with sensitive skin and dry skin conditions like eczema are affected the most.

With the colder weather we are bombarded with messages of switching the skincare products to those that are more suitable to use during colder months.

Sana Naturals is all about using highly concentrated multifunctional natural skincare products and using less products instead of more. I’ve created this minimalist collection of skincare essentials to suit not only every skin type, but also your skin needs depending on different seasons. So you can easily adjust the products usage to suit your skin’s individual needs as the seasons change and depending on where your skin resides each day. 

Sana Naturals collection of natural skincare products work in harmony with your skin and nature’s seasons, inspiring reconnection to the Earth and the healing forces of Nature.

Today, I’m sharing tips on how to adjust your Sana Naturals skincare products and your skincare routine to suit colder months and keep your skin healthy and glowing.


The cold weather and drier indoor air during colder months affect the skin’s renewal process which slows down and sheds less. 

Therefore, if you have been using the exfoliating FACE WASH for cleansing every other day during summer months, you can start using it every day now. It will help remove dirt and impurities and also gently exfoliate the skin to keep it smooth and glowing. The FACE WASH is suitable to use even on sensitive skin and is gentle enough to be used twice per day, every day. 

To prevent your skin from going dull, you can use this powdered FACE WASH as a face mask too. Just mix with water, natural yoghurt or honey and apply on cleansed skin for 20min. Use every second or third day. It’ll leave your skin seriously smooth, free from impurities and seriously glowing. 

If you wear makeup during the day, exercise, sweat a lot or live in a busy urban area, it’s a good idea to double cleanse your skin at the end of the day. 

Firstly, cleanse with an oil based cleanser. It can be any oil from your pantry, such as grapeseed, sunflower, olive or almond oil. Avoid coconut oil if your skin is prone to acne or congestion as it may clog pores and cause breakouts.  

To cleanse with the oil, wet your face, then massage the oil onto your skin, add more water to emulsify the oil and then use a damp warm muslin cloth to remove the oil from the skin, repeating several times until the oil is removed thoroughly. Using the muslin cloth will further help remove dead skin. 

Follow with Sana Naturals FACE WASH that will absorb any remaining oil and remove impurities that may be stuck deep in the pores. The FACE WASH will pave the way for the oil SERUM to follow. 

When the skin is properly cleansed and exfoliated, your skincare products can deeper penetrate the skin for best possible results. 


During colder months you may want to protect your skin from cold weather and harsh wind by adding a droplet of the oil SERUM to your foundation or BB cream or if you don’t wear makeup, you can add it to your regular moisturizer. To do that, just put a pump of your foundation or cream on the back of your hand, add a droplet of the SERUM and use your finger to mix before applying onto the skin. It will not only protect and nourish your skin but will also give it a beautiful dewy finish. 

In autumn and winter the skin on your face can become dry and flaky during the day too due to dry indoor air. To quench thirsty skin during the day, spray your face with a face mist or a toner and apply 2 droplets of the SERUM that will moisture and nourish your skin. 

If you have been using the oil SERUM at night too, continue doing so and remember to use it as a last step in your skincare routine as it will help keep and seal in the moisture in the skin. 

The famous oil SERUM is a multitasking superhero and you can read here on different ways to use it. 

Some of my clients who have dry skin on their face apply the HEAVENLY BALM on the nose and the delicate eye area too to protect the skin on particularly cold and windy days when walking or exercising outside. However, don’t apply the balm on your face if your skin is prone to acne or skin congestion, as unlike the oil SERUM it may clog the pores.

Dry indoor air and harsh weather conditions may also cause havoc on the hands which may become extremely dry and chapped, especially with all that extra hand washing. The HEAVENLY BALM will protect, nourish and restore the skin on your hands and any dry patches on the body, and the sublime scent will send your senses to heaven. 

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