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We hear and read everywhere about the plastic crisis and how terribly it impacts our oceans, the climate and the whole environment.

I often look at my little boy and can't help but worry what kind of world he will live in. Will our children and grandchildren enjoy the beauty of the Earth to the same extent we have been able to?

I used to think that one person isn’t able to make a difference in this regard. However, I read somewhere that an average household produces so much waste that over 1 year it accumulates to fill a 3 bedroom house. A large proportion of it is plastic waste. 

So if we all start introducing even small changes in our life it will all add up to make a big difference.

Eco- friendly products haven’t been widely available and we haven’t been encouraged to think green and search for eco- friendly alternatives. Thankfully this trend is gradually changing.

We are getting more aware of the impact of our shopping choices and more shops now offer a great selection of eco- friendly alternatives that are often much better than the ones we’ve been used to. 

The natural beauty of a soap bar

Commercial liquid soaps and body washes (usually sold in plastic packaging) usually contain nasty synthetics that may be harsh for the skin, causing allergic reactions and dry skin conditions.

Natural soap rich in botanicals and natural oils actually nourishes your skin. Here are 3 ways you can incorporate natural soap into your life:


1.    Switch to the natural soap bar in your bathroom and kitchen

It not only reduces the plastic waste but also nourishes your skin, reducing danger of allergic reactions. It also lasts longer so helps safe money.

2.    Swap the body wash for the natural soap bar

Same as above 

3.    Ditch your commercial shampoo for the soap  

Get fabulous hair, healthier scalp, save money, cut your hair care time routine and declutter your bathroom

This one especially has changed my life. In the past my hair was a constant cause of frustration. After washing it with a shampoo I used to plaster my hair with a conditioner and spent ages trying to detangle it.

After every wash I looked like I was struck by lightning. My hair wasn’t in a good state either, even though I was using repairing shampoos and deeply conditioning masks, serums, etc. and the scalp was dry and itchy.

It all changed since I’ve started using a hair soap bar. All of a sudden, from the first wash my hair looked tamed, felt soft and nourished and my scalp hugely improved.

I have tried a few hair soaps that I was quite happy with until I’ve discovered the locally handmade Simpli Organics soap that has allowed me go one step forward - ditching the conditioner, something that I thought wasn’t ever possible with my problematic hair.

So now I can quickly and easily detangle and comb my hair without poisoning it with synthetics and producing waste from many unnecessary hair care products.

Have you tried a natural soap bar yet? It's a win win for both our skin and the wellness of our planet 🌏

If you wish to explore eco- friendly natural beauty check out my shop for a luxurious range of natural eco- friendly skincare products infused with the healing forces of Mother Nature, handcrafted in the Cavan countryside. 

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