Does wearing a face mask cause you skin issues?

If you are one of many people finding it necessary to wear a face mask for long periods each day, you may be experiencing some skin issues.

Below are a few skin concerns that you may be experiencing as a result of wearing a face mask and natural skincare tips that will help you deal with them.

Skin concerns you may be experiencing

Skin irritation and inflammation

Our skin is used to the open air and excess humidity trapped under the face mask may cause skin irritation and inflammation.

Skin dryness / oiliness

Once your face mask is removed, your skin will start readjusting to drier air and may start showing signs of dryness or excess sebum production. As your skin’s moisture levels are upset, it may start losing its natural healthy balance.

Breakouts and acne

As a result of the skin losing its natural balance you may experience unexpected breakouts, blemishes or acne.

Skin redness and irritation

Rubbing and pressure points of contact with your mask may cause redness, irritation and pain.     

Natural skincare tips that will help you deal with the skin concerns

1. Before applying your face mask, make sure your skin is thoroughly cleansed, dried and moisturised. Use skin care products that are deeply nourishing yet light and non-comedogenic, so they won’t further clog the pores.

2. Use natural skin care products that are rich in plant goodness and will help restore and maintain the skin’s natural healthy balance. They will help maintain optimum moisture levels and prevent dryness or oiliness and subsequent possible breakouts, blemishes and acne.

3. Gentle yet deep skin cleansing is essential. Ideally double cleanse your skin every time after you remove your face mask after wearing it for long periods. Firstly, cleanse your skin with an oil based cleanser, it can be any non- comedogenic oil from your pantry, such as grapeseed, sunflower or olive oil, followed by another natural cleanser that helps maintain the moisture levels, restore the skin’s natural balance and rebuild its natural barrier.

4. Use soothing and protective skincare product such as a balm or face oil on the areas of your face that make contact with the elastic band and edges of the mask.

5. Consider minimising wearing makeup under the face mask, perhaps use a light tinted BB cream instead or skip wearing it altogether.

6. If you wear a reusable face mask, pick one that is made of natural, soft and breathable fabric. I’ve got mine from Irish Linen House and it’s made from sustainable 100% Irish linen that is naturally anti- bacterial and anti- allergenic, very soft and suitable for sensitive skin. Additionally, the company is making donations to healthcare and frontline workers and a percentage from the mask sales goes to The Capuchin Day Centre for Homeless People and St Vincent De Paul.


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